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Give Big San Bernardino County

We are just days away from the "Give BIG, Be Great" event happening on October 30, 2018. Give Big San Bernardino County will have it's 5th annual 24 hour on-line FUNDRAISING web-a-thon. Hundreds of non-profit organizations will be participating and need all the support from the community to help reach that goal.

The event is hosted by The Community Foundation and widely supported by the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors. Over the span of five years Give Big has raised over $1.3 million dollars. Nonprofits in our country are greatly faced with many challenges to provide for the needs of the disadvantaged.

Together we hope to increase AWARENESS of the important work we do. Nonprofits in our country serve the important role of helping to improve the quality of life for those in need. In addition, help stimulate our local economies by employing staff, paying payroll taxes and bringing in money through grants and fundraising, purchasing goods and services all of which have a direct positive impact on our communities and help us all.

We humbly ask that you make a commitment to those currently in need, and to our future generations by making a donation. Feel free to pick any non profit of your choice to support and a book a donation now or on the day of the "Give BIG, Be Great" event.

We want the public to be informed that 26% of our country's children live in poverty and this number has remained steady for several years. These children can do nothing to change this themselves, but they do represent the future of our country, state and nation. Our children, elderly, homeless, unemployed and otherwise disadvantaged need help now.

We are the Community Action Partnership of San Bernardino County and we invite you to support us, or a nonprofit of your choice, on Tuesday October 30th 2018. You can visit our web-page at, or our Facebook event at

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