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What's the "Summer Slide?"

It's not something you play on!

Dear Parents,

You may be shocked to hear how much knowledge your kids will lose over summer break. And if you are fighting to help your kids achieve a brighter, more stable economic future, then you know how important academics have become.

The Summer Slide is real, and typically learning loss amounts to two months of school knowledge lost that has to be re-taught and re-learned upon beginning the next school year in the fall.

There are many things that parents can do to help their kids, but the main one is reading TOGETHER and making reading a priority. During the summer kids can enjoy pleasure reading materials of their choice. Make it a priority to have reading materials around and encourage reading time. Reading 2-3 hours a week can make a huge difference for kids in retaining academic skills over the summer.

Books for kids are abundantly available through our public libraries. You may also want to check out Book Fest 2018 at Community Action Partnership of San Bernardino on June 9, 2018. We'll be giving out thousands of free children's pleasure reading books your kids will love, like Disney themed books "Star Wars," "Frozen" and "Snow White."

For more information on our Book Fest 2018, visit

The graphic shown here are some handy tips to help reduce the summer slide.

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