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Disaster Case Management

You qualify for Disaster Case Management if you :

  • Have been affected by the 2023 winter storms

  • Are a resident of San Bernardino County

  • Have a case number with FEMA 

Recovering from the 2023 Winter Storms?

Contact a disaster case manager

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Submit your contact info 

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What is disaster case management?

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Our Disaster Case Management team is here to help.
How our team can help you
  • Help families return to safe, sanitary, and secure housing.

  • The Disaster Case Management Program helps survivors develop a recovery plan and connects them with available resources to succeed.

  • Assist survivors with identifying and verifying their disaster recovery plan.

  • Advocate for the family when necessary and obtain services from available resources.

  • Assist survivors with FEMA appeals.

  • Advocate for survivors who were victims of contractor fraud.

  • Assist in providing resources about the construction needs of the long-term recovery plan.

  • Connect survivors to local services that can help in your recovery.

Call us: 909-723-1554

Email us:

Our Disaster Case Management Team is located at:

696 S. Tippecanoe Ave., San Bernardino, CA  92408

Visit Catholic Charities' website to see all DCMP agencies 

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