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Vision & Mission


Community Action Partnership of San Bernardino County is the premier social services agency that eliminates the effects of poverty.


Community Action Partnership of San Bernardino County works with our communities by supporting, advocating for and empowering residents to achieve self-reliance and economic stability.

Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan for 2022– 2027 provides a
roadmap for the organization to address the emerging needs of our communities, enhance our
capacity to deliver services, and strengthen the partnerships we have forged over our 58-year
history of addressing poverty in San Bernardino County.


We are living in a current state of uncertainty, still dealing with the COVID pandemic and its ripple effects, high inflation rates, and increases in our most basic needs such as housing, food and gas. Our purpose is to ensure our community’s needs are met through effective and responsive community-based programs and services that help strengthen families and build self-reliance.




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