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Asset Building

Individual Development Accounts (IDAs) are matched savings accounts that enable low-income families to save, build assets, and enter the financial mainstream.   IDAs reward the monthly savings of working-poor families who are building towards:

  • Buying a Home

  • Post-secondary Education

  • Starting or Expanding a Business


IDAs make it possible for low-income families to build the financial assets they need to achieve the American Dream.


The maximum amount that can be matched for each participant is $1,000.00.  The IDA Program matches it with $2,000 federal match and $2,000 local match, so that the participant has a total of $5,000 with which to purchase an asset.  In addition, participants are required to attend and complete ten workshops:  five financial literacy workshops and five workshops geared to their asset goal.  The IDA is not a loan, and never has to be paid back.


IDA Eligibility

  • Participants must have earned income.

  • Participants must be a resident of San Bernardino County

  • Individuals must meet income and net worth guidelines:
    1. Prior year net worth must not exceed $11,750 excluding the primary residence and one vehicle
    2. Income less than 200% Federal Poverty guideline or EITC (Earned Income Tax Credit) guidelines


Requirements to Complete IDA

Participants must complete 10 workshops:

  • 5-Financial literacy classes

  • 5-Specific to the Asset goal

  • Save a minimum of $25.00 per month.

  • For a complete listing of available courses click here.

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For more information, contact us:

IDA (909) 723-1571
Monday- Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m


696 S. Tippecanoe Ave, San Bernardino, CA 92408-2607

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