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Utility Assistance

HEAP assistance is provided in the form of a credit on your utility bill for gas, electric, wood, or propane. Eligible applicants whose utilities are sub-metered or included in their rent will receive a check for the total amount they are eligible for. Credits are paid out directly to the utility companies, or wood and propane vendors. There are three ways by which you may obtain assistance:

  • Emergency Utility Bill Assistance

  • Non-Emergency Utility Bill Assistance

  • Wood or Propane Purchase Assistance

Homeowners or renters may qualify for utility assistance if they meet the following requirements:

  • They reside in San Bernardino County

  • Total gross monthly income falls within the guidelines listed in the table

Safety is Our Priority

To ensure both the safety of clients and staff, CAPSBC requires all visitors and clients to wear masks when visiting our office at 

696 S. Tippecanoe Ave, San Bernardino, CA 92408-2607

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Emergency Utility Bill Assistance

For Emergency Assistance, you must have a disconnect or past due notice for utility accounts. Clients may reach us by: 

  • Calling HEAP's direct line at (909) 723-1500 Monday to Friday between 8:00AM and 4:45PM 

  • Messaging us at 

  • Due to the high volume of requests for services, you may experience higher than normal wait times

Non Emergency Utility Bill Assistance

Clients without a disconnect notice, may receive an annual HEAP credit. It takes six to eight weeks once the application is approved for the credit to be applied to your specified utility bill (provided funding is available).

Wood and Propane Purchase Assistance

Clients may apply for Wood or Propane by contacting us. It takes four to six weeks once the application is approved for the credit to be applied to your specified vendor.

Mail in Application Process 

Clients may request a mailed application packet by calling (909) 723-1500 or e-mailing us at 

Apply for HEAP Utility Assistance via Email

Apply for utility assistance via email by simply forwarding your contact information to to begin the application process (Email Address, First Name, Last Name)

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