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IDA Spotlight

A couple of years before learning about the IDA Program, the Franco’s were doing well.  Luis was working with a well-established company and they were enjoying life with their three children.  But when Luis was called in to the HR office and told they were going to have to let him go, everything changed.  His unemployment benefits could not cover the rent on their apartment so they had to move into a converted garage.  They had a set of bunk beds; two of their children slept on the top bunk, Leticia slept with the baby on the bottom bunk, and Luis slept on an area rug on the floor. 


Luis decided to go to school to become an LVN.  These were difficult times.  Their only car broke down and Luis had to find a way to get to school.  Just as it was time to take final exams, a Sheriff’s Deputy informed them the landlord they were renting from had defaulted on his mortgage and they would have to move.  Luis was able to find a very small mobile home they could afford.  He later secured a job at Riverside Medical Clinic.  Leticia enrolled in Chaffey Community College to complete prerequisites for the nursing program. 


Luis and Leticia enrolled in the IDA Program together and opened their individual accounts on July 2, 2012.  They stuck together, made sacrifices, and saved their money faithfully, hoping to be able to complete the program and purchase a home of their own.  They completed all of the required workshops and realized their savings goal.  In March 2014, Luis and Leticia made an offer on a home in Rialto and it was accepted.  They moved into their new home in April 2014 and are enjoying the pride of home ownership, thanks to the IDA Program.

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